Everything you need combined into one indicator.

That’s why we call her ARMY.

  • ✓ Looking for the best trading indicator?
  • ✓ Or the best trend indicator?
  • ✓ You may also be looking for the best scalp indicator…
  • ✓ In addition to all this, what if there was a great pump indicator that notifies you of spikes minutes in advance?
  • ✓ That’s not enough… Wouldn’t it be great if there was a forecaster that shows targets, a stop indicator that automatically determines the entry and stoploss points, and all these indicators combined into a single indicator to form a voltran?
    That’s exactly what we do!

Awesome Features

A combination of great features that are not in any indicator.

  • End the confusion in the graphic

    We have combined our wonderful signals with dozens of the best indicators on the market in the most understandable way by designing them in a great way. We have reached the power of dozens of indicators that have to be added to the chart separately with a single indicator.

  • Use on All Devices

    We have increased the freedom by creating versatile preferences for users by specially designing our indicators so that they can be used comfortably on all mobile devices, tablets and computers.

  • Full Time Alarms

    By creating unlimited alarms for your trades with our indicators on the Tradingview site or application, we have provided the opportunity to not miss any trade and to connect the indicator to the bot, thanks to the optional alarms.

  • Be the Hunter, Not the Prey

    In order to detect sudden spikes in advance and hunt whales, we developed an alarm pump indicator that scans and signals 40 coins at the same time, allowing you to catch the spike minutes beforehand, and integrated it into our Army indicator.

  • Determine Price Direction

    We have presented the predictor indicator, which shows the probability of price rise and fall and the strength of these possibilities, and which increases your chances of success by instantly catching the target points of the bulls and bears.

  • Open a Short & Futures Trade

    In our indicator, we have created unique signals that will allow you to catch both the trend and the hit-and-run points so that you can use them in both spot and futures transactions. Again, we have developed the Army Rsi indicator so that you can confirm all these signals.

Short introduction

Why U.S?

Because we know very well that you are tired of looking for the right indicator and what you want. We offer you highly accurate trading tools that match reality, not fantasy.

We care

We try to help you enter trades/investments sensitively and remove the annoying psychology of the market. Because we know very well that your success means our success.

7/24 Support

Customer satisfaction is one of our most important principles. For this reason, we care about your requests and expectations, and we provide 24/7 support in the fastest way possible, even for the slightest problem you may encounter while using the indicator.

We are detail oriented

We publish training videos in the most detailed way, not blindly, and we broadcast live 24/7 BTC/USDT parity on our youtube channel called Borsalgo so that you can see the performance of our indicators.


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Open Tradingview on a computer or download its application to use it on a tablet or phone.

Open a Free Membership

Our indicators work smoothly with Tradingview free membership. You do not need to be a Pro member of Tradingview.


After the payment is made, access to the indicators is given within 1 hour at the latest.

We have the right solutions to increase your earnings.

Let’s take back what was stolen from us together…

  • ✓ Our tools work on all assets in the TradingView library and support any device with real-time data analyzed in seconds.
  • ✓ Our signals with live buy, sell and take profit alerts are fully automatic and alert you to every move. So you never miss a profitable trade.
  • ✓ Our revolutionary system automatically tests settings in real time and applies the most profitable settings regardless of the asset and timeframe you are trading.
  • ✓ Combining the Army indicator with our Army Rsi indicator gives you the most comprehensive trading toolset on the market.
  • ✓ TradingView allows you to add up to three indicators to the chart in free usage. Nice though what if you can become a pro member and upload more. It’s a messy chart. Here Army saves you from all these troubles and confusion.

Happy Customer Reviews

Valuable comments from some of our users about our indicators used by close to 800 traders.


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Screenshots of Indicators

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You can find answers to most of your questions in this section.

We really wanted to give it a try. Because we are extremely confident in our indicators. However, as there were some people trying to buy new usernames on the tradeview site and try again, even for one day when the trial period was over, we had to give up this application and we could not separate serious buyers from giving a trial. We hope that you will not insist on this issue as this decision is a final decision.

How do I decide without trying?
We think that you can get a clear idea about the success of the indicators by watching our 24/7 live broadcasts in BTC/USDT parity with 10s of videos from our social media accounts that are not available at any dealer. and training videos on our Youtube channel.

You can also request a snapshot by specifying the name of the coin or share you want to test from our WhatsApp support line.

When you purchase a plan, you will receive access to our premium set of 2 premium indicators, directly from your TradingView account, no later than 1 hour from your payment notification to us. It works on TradingView’s free plan. So you don’t need to upgrade in TradingView to use our indicators.

Once access is granted, open the chart in Tradingview. Click the Indicators tab. Add our indicators to the chart in the “Invitation-Only Scripts” section. It’s that simple.

By the way, although the indicator works in all types of candles, the most accurate results are obtained with normal candles.

Our gauges are 1min, 5min, 30min, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W, etc. It works in all timeframes across all international markets including stocks, crypto, forex, futures and commodities.

However, your recommendations are minimum 15 minutes and maximum 1 hour periods.

Although our indicators show a great success with a success rate of 90-95% when all the rules explained in the training videos are followed, our answer to this will be definitely no. There is no magic solution or “algorithm” that will give you the power to predict markets with a guaranteed percentage accuracy. Do not believe the scammers who promise you high profits and say you will never lose… We provide you with many tools for simplified trading. Our tools will help you gain unique perspectives to use on any market available on TradingView.

Yes, you can connect. The only thing you need to choose is the signals in the indicator. When you decide which signal to use, you can safely buy and sell automatically on the site with the link below, which we know is the only bot that has nothing to do with us but works with indicator signals. You can learn about the use of this site and the bot by watching 10s of videos on youtube.


Still have a question? You can ask your question here.


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Provide your tradingview username along with your payment statement. You will be able to access the indicators within 1 hour at the latest.

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6 month Subscription

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