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A single indicator, skillfully incorporating numerous valuable indicators, forms the cornerstone of an invaluable system. By creating a unified indicator army composed of dozens of individual indicators, the potential for success is maximized, while the likelihood of failure is minimized. This strategic approach results in a powerful system where diverse indicators are harmoniously blended, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the indicator framework.

Best pump indicator available on Tradingview


Be a Hunter, Not the Hunted!
In order to anticipate sudden market surges and effectively hunt whales, we have created a Voltran by combining signals from a total of 8 indicators. That’s why we named it the Voltran Indicator. We demonstrated that when all 8 indicators give a buy signal, you can be a hunter instead of being hunted.

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Instantly Access Key Data
When deciding to buy or sell, it’s not only about observing buy-sell signals. Understanding the current money flow, volume, bull strength, and volatility are equally important. That’s why we’ve introduced the Bar Analysis Indicator, allowing you to view all this crucial data in just 4 lines.

Best target indicator available on Tradingview


View Targets Instantly
We’ve developed a groundbreaking algorithm that identifies the target levels prices aspire to reach. By basing its calculations on trends, liquidity, ATR, and Fibonacci levels, this system, consisting of a total of 4 target indicators, has changed the rules of the game by pinpointing accurate targets.

Best volume indicator on tradingview


Visualize Buy and Sell Orders
Absolutely! We’ve crafted an indicator that provides real-time visibility into both volume and dollar-based buy and sell orders. It accurately gauges buying and selling pressure, identifies significant trades, tracks whale entries and exits, and allows you to run it on the time period of your choice.

Best predictor indicator available on Tradingview


Determine the Direction of the Price
We have created and presented to your service an extraordinary indicator that reveals the probabilities of price increases and decreases and the probability of these possibilities occurring, and at the same time tells us the targets of the bulls and bears, greatly increasing our chances of success.

Best hunter indicator available on Tradingview


Scan 40 Coins or Stocks Instantly
We’ve introduced the Hunter Indicator, enabling you to view a complete list of 40 coins or stocks on a single screen. With this tool, you can identify potential risers or fallers. Additionally, it allows you to list the same coin on different exchanges, providing opportunities for arbitrage.

Best support resistance indicator available on Tradingview


View Support-Resistors instantly
We have developed an exceptional indicator that instantly displays support and resistance levels not only for the current period but also for a span of 5 periods. This tool, unlike others, promptly visualizes these levels without the typical delay for 5-10 candles and also numerically represents them in a table.

Best buy-sell indicator available on Tradingview


Meet Our Buy-Sell Signals
While following the trend to the fullest, we have developed unique signals that generate buy-sell signals at the bottoms and tops of the market. Not only that, but we have also added early warning signals and quick profit signals called “dippers” for those interested in scalping.

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How Can I Use It?

Open Tradingview

Open TradingView on their website or download the application for use on your tablet or phone..

Create a Free Membership

Our indicators work seamlessly with a free TradingView membership. There’s no need to upgrade to a Pro membership.

Buy the Indicator

Make the payment and inform us. Access to the indicators is provided within 1 hour of payment processing.

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We are offering you the use of our system, consisting of thousands of lines of code that we tirelessly worked on day and night for a full four years.

Put an end to the confusion in the chart

You no longer need to add a lot of indicators to the chart one by one and get confused or pay money for the tradingview application to increase the number of indicators you can add. With the Army indicator, you will have the power of dozens of indicators.

Full Time Alarms

Through the TradingView website or application, you can create unlimited alarms for your trades with our indicators. This ensures that you don’t miss any trades, and you also have the option to connect the indicator to a bot through alarms, according to your preferences.

Use on All Devices

We have specially designed our indicators to be easily usable on all mobile devices, tablets, and computers, providing users with versatile options to increase freedom of use.

We have the right solutions to increase your earnings.

  • Our tools work on all assets in the TradingView library, supporting all devices with real-time data analyzed within seconds.
  • Our signals, including live buy, sell, and take-profit alerts, are entirely automated, notifying you for every move. This way, you never miss out on a profitable trade.
  • Our groundbreaking system automatically tests settings in real-time and applies the most profitable configurations, regardless of the asset or time frame you are trading
  • When you use the Army indicator along with our Army RSI and Cobra indicators, you have the most comprehensive trading toolset in the market.
  • TradingView allows adding a maximum of two indicators to a chart in free usage. Even if you upgrade to a pro membership, dealing with a cluttered chart can be overwhelming. That’s where the Army indicator comes in, saving you from all these troubles and confusion..
Best buy sell indicator

The Best Indicator Set in the World

You need a system like this to win!


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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You can find answers to most of your questions in this section.

Instead of calling it a Free Trial, let’s label it as a Gifted Usage. After all, a trial is typically used to prove that something works, often given for newly launched products. However, we don’t have such concerns. We’ve repeatedly proven the success of our indicator on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Our high customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

Furthermore, our aim isn’t just to sell you a product but to ensure that you benefit from such a powerful tool. Anyone who can’t generate substantial profits using this indicator is either incredibly unlucky or hasn’t fully understood or implemented the strategies explained in our educational videos.

For these reasons, we’re not individually proving the effectiveness of the indicator to potential users.

However, if you’re someone who is eager to recoup the investment in the indicator before purchasing or simply wants to experience it firsthand, then we can offer you a full 3-day trial for free. However, there are some conditions. The time we spend providing trial access is the same as the time we spend on direct sales. And let’s not forget to mention, for anyone who purchases the indicator directly, we offer an additional 10 days of usage for free on their first purchase. As for the conditions:

  1. Before accessing the indicator, you must have a paid membership on TradingView. This is because we grant access based on the TradingView username you provide, and unfortunately, users with free TradingView memberships often create new accounts to receive multiple free trials, hence this requirement.
  2. Follow our Instagram account named “Borsalgo,” like the last 5 posts (excluding the pinned post), leave a valuable comment on at least one post, and tag at least 3 friends in one of the posts.
  3. The final condition is to watch our essential educational video series, the link to which is provided below. Whether you choose to watch it or not is up to you, but if you don’t, you may not gain sufficient understanding of the indicators and may not achieve the desired success. This would not only affect your profits but also our reputation. Therefore, be sure to watch the videos before claiming the gifted usage.

The Educational Video Series

After completing all of these steps, you can reach out to us via WhatsApp or Instagram to claim your gifted usage.

When you purchase a plan, you gain access to our premium set consisting of three premium indicators directly from your TradingView account within one hour of notifying us of your payment. It works on TradingView’s free plan, so there is no need to upgrade to use our indicators.

After you’ve been granted access, open the chart on TradingView. Click on the “Indicators” tab. Add our indicators to the chart from the “Invite-Only Scripts” section. If you don’t see the indicators in this section, refresh the page or close and reopen the application. It’s that simple.

We have approximately 4 hours of detailed and professional educational videos on how to use the indicators. It is strongly recommended that you watch these videos before trading. As an incentive for watching these videos, first-time users will receive an additional 5 days of gifted usage on top of their subscription period, taking into account the duration of the video viewing.

The Educational Video Series

Our indicators can be used in various markets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Additionally, they are designed to work across different time frames, providing flexibility for users to choose according to their trading preferences. However, the recommended time frames are at least 5-15 minutes and at most 1 hour.

Although our indicators demonstrate significant success with a success rate of 90-95% when all the rules explained in the training videos are followed, our response to the question of whether you can win every trade using this will definitely be no. There is no magical solution or “algorithm” that will guarantee you the power to predict the markets with a guaranteed percentage accuracy. Don’t believe in scammers who promise you high profits and claim you will never lose. We provide you with various tools for simplified trading. Our tools will help you gain unique perspectives to use in any market available on TradingView.

Yes, you can connect. The only thing you need to choose is the signals in the indicator. Once you decide which signal to use, you can safely automate buy-sell through the link provided below, which we know is the best bot that works with indicator signals, although it has nothing to do with us. You can learn more about using this site and bot by watching dozens of videos available on YouTube.


We have several reasons for selling our indicator. First and foremost, we want to share the success we’ve achieved through the use of our indicator with others. We want everyone with access to the necessary tools in trading to experience this success.

Secondly, we want to ensure that those interested in purchasing our indicator have serious intentions. This ensures that users focus more on using our indicator correctly and thus achieving success.

Additionally, the revenue generated from the sale of our indicator helps finance its development and further improvement. This allows us to provide a better experience for our users and enhance their trading success.

Lastly, the revenue from the sale of our indicator ensures that our team receives compensation for their efforts. There should be a return for the product we’ve developed through long hours of work.

These are the reasons why we sell our indicator, but our main goal is to help others succeed in trading.

And please, question the following as well…

Why do individuals like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, who are already so wealthy, sell small items like a blue checkmark on platforms they own, such as Twitter and Instagram, for $15-20? Do you think they do this because they need the money?

Or why do giant platforms like Google and YouTube earn pennies from displaying ads? Why do they make efforts to incentivize people to publish these ads? Don’t you think they make enough money from other ventures?

Why don’t individuals like the founders of Apple or Microsoft, or other inventors or creators, solely use the technology they’ve developed instead of selling it to others like you and me? Shouldn’t they just use what they’ve created themselves? Are they fools?

As you can see, this business involves a bit of vision, mission, and money. We hope you understand our perspective.

All Inclusive Membership Packages

Our indicators receive regular updates, and we do not charge any fees for updates

Premium Monthly

$69/mo (Full Price)

The best indicators that work on TradingView­čö╣99$┬á­čĺ░ 69$
­čö╣ $69.00 paid monthly

­čö╣ 1 Month Access to 4 Premium Indicator Sets Consisting of Combinations of 26 Indicators
­čö╣Free Updates
­čö╣Free Training Videos
­čö╣ Free Technical Support

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Premium Yearly

$39/mo (Save %44)

TradingView'de ├žal─▒┼čan en iyi g├Âstergeler­čö╣828$┬á­čĺ░ 468$
­čö╣ $468.00 paid annually
­čö╣ Access to 4 Premium Indicator Sets Consisting of Combinations of 26 Indicators for 12 Months
­čö╣Free Update
­čö╣Free Training Videos
­čö╣ Free Technical Support

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