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Market Oracle Best Indicators

The most successful indicators listed below have been cleverly designed and combined into a single indicator. Thus, an invaluable system was established by creating an indicator army with a single indicator consisting of dozens of indicators, and the possibility of winning was maximized and the possibility of losing was minimized.

Best pump indicator available on Tradingview

Be a Hunter, Not the Hunted!
In order to anticipate sudden market surges and effectively hunt whales, we have created a Voltran by combining signals from a total of 8 indicators. ThatÔÇÖs why we named it the Voltran Indicator. We demonstrated that when all 8 indicators give a buy signal, you can be a hunter instead of being hunted.

Best analysis indicator on tradingview

Instantly Access Key Data
When deciding to buy or sell, itÔÇÖs not only about observing buy-sell signals. Understanding the current money flow, volume, bull strength, and volatility are equally important. ThatÔÇÖs why weÔÇÖve introduced the Bar Analysis Indicator, allowing you to view all this crucial data in just 4 lines.

Best target indicator available on Tradingview

View Targets Instantly
WeÔÇÖve developed a groundbreaking algorithm that identifies the target levels prices aspire to reach. By basing its calculations on trends, liquidity, ATR, and Fibonacci levels, this system, consisting of a total of 4 target indicators, has changed the rules of the game by pinpointing accurate targets.

Best volume indicator on tradingview

Visualize Buy and Sell Orders
Absolutely! WeÔÇÖve crafted an indicator that provides real-time visibility into both volume and dollar-based buy and sell orders. It accurately gauges buying and selling pressure, identifies significant trades, tracks whale entries and exits, and allows you to run it on the time period of your choice.

Best predictor indicator available on Tradingview

Determine the Direction of the Price
We have created and presented to your service an extraordinary indicator that reveals the probabilities of price increases and decreases and the probability of these possibilities occurring, and at the same time tells us the targets of the bulls and bears, greatly increasing our chances of success.

Best hunter indicator available on Tradingview

Scan 40 Coins or Stocks Instantly
WeÔÇÖve introduced the Hunter Indicator, enabling you to view a complete list of 40 coins or stocks on a single screen. With this tool, you can identify potential risers or fallers. Additionally, it allows you to list the same coin on different exchanges, providing opportunities for arbitrage.

Best support resistance indicator available on Tradingview

View Support-Resistors instantly
We have developed an exceptional indicator that instantly displays support and resistance levels not only for the current period but also for a span of 5 periods. This tool, unlike others, promptly visualizes these levels without the typical delay for 5-10 candles and also numerically represents them in a table.

Best buy-sell indicator available on Tradingview

Meet Our Buy-Sell Signals
While following the trend to the fullest, we have developed unique signals that generate buy-sell signals at the bottoms and tops of the market. Not only that, but we have also added early warning signals and quick profit signals called ÔÇťdippersÔÇŁ for those interested in scalping.

Introduction video-1

Forex buy sell indicator


We are offering you the use of our system, consisting of thousands of lines of code that we tirelessly worked on day and night for a full four years.

Put an end to the confusion in the chart

You no longer need to add a lot of indicators to the chart one by one and get confused or pay money for the tradingview application to increase the number of indicators you can add. With the Army indicator, you will have the power of dozens of indicators.

Full Time Alarms

Through the TradingView website or application, you can create unlimited alarms for your trades with our indicators. This ensures that you donÔÇÖt miss any trades, and you also have the option to connect the indicator to a bot through alarms, according to your preferences.

Use on All Devices

We have specially designed our indicators to be easily usable on all mobile devices, tablets, and computers, providing users with versatile options to increase freedom of use.

We have the right solutions to increase your earnings.

  • Our tools work on all assets in the TradingView library, supporting all devices with real-time data analyzed within seconds.
  • Our signals, including live buy, sell, and take-profit alerts, are entirely automated, notifying you for every move. This way, you never miss out on a profitable trade.
  • Our groundbreaking system automatically tests settings in real-time and applies the most profitable configurations, regardless of the asset or time frame you are trading
  • When you use the Army indicator along with our Army RSI and Cobra indicators, you have the most comprehensive trading toolset in the market.
  • TradingView allows adding a maximum of two indicators to a chart in free usage. Even if you upgrade to a pro membership, dealing with a cluttered chart can be overwhelming. ThatÔÇÖs where the Army indicator comes in, saving you from all these troubles and confusion..
Best buy sell indicator

Screenshots of Indicators

Practical Training

Through our instructional videos, we detail all the indicators, down to the finest details, which are unparalleled by any other. We teach you how to correctly utilize our software, thereby maximizing your chances of success to the highest levels.

How does it work?

Open Tradingview

Open TradingView on their website or download the application for use on your tablet or phone

Create a Free Membership

Our indicators work seamlessly with a free TradingView membership. ThereÔÇÖs no need to upgrade to a Pro membership.

Buy the Indicator

Make the payment and inform us. Access to the indicators is provided within 1 hour of payment processing.

Introduction Video-2

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Borsada merak edilenler

You may have many questions or curiosities on your mind. Therefore, below, we have endeavored to provide detailed answers to your potential questions. If you have any further inquiries, you can reach out to us via live support or WhatsApp.

  • First, you can check out the hundreds of YouTube live streams we’ve published so far through the link below to understand the quality of our indicator set. You can also get a better idea of our quality by watching the many other videos on our channel, such as training sessions, backtests, and short videos.
  • You can also contact our WhatsApp support line to specify the coin or stock you want to test and request real-time images.

If, despite all these opportunities, you still want a trial, then click here to check out our 5-day trial package. However, we recommend that you read the following points first.

Due to some users abusing the trial option (such as creating new TradingView accounts right after the trial ends to get another free trial), we cannot offer a completely free trial period for our tools. To prevent this abuse and to differentiate serious buyers who want a trial, we have created a mini 5-day package with a symbolic fee that is not normally among our packages. Click here to access the package.

Moreover, we understand that learning and evaluating new tools can be a time-consuming process, and a short trial period may not be sufficient for this purpose. We trust in the significant value our tools offer to our members and want them to fully explore their potential without being limited by a brief trial.

Additionally, we provide exceptional customer support and educational materials to help our members make informed decisions about our products. We want to continue adding to our approximately 5 hours of detailed training videos currently available on our YouTube channel, and we do not desire our indicators to be used without these videos being watched. We believe that users who request a trial will not be able to understand how to use the indicators in just 1-2 days, and since they haven’t paid anything, we don’t believe they will spend the time to watch these training videos.

For these reasons, unfortunately, we cannot offer a free trial.

Furthermore, this market can provide immense gains as well as substantial losses due to its volatility. We believe that those who do not have the courage to pay the indicator fee, which is almost symbolic compared to the potential losses that can occur, should not be in this market, and therefore should not use our indicator.

The Borsalgo team wishes everyone success in advance.

When you purchase a plan, you get access to our 4 premium indicator sets, a combination of 26 indicators, directly in your TradingView account within one hour of notifying us of your payment. It works on Tradingview’s free plan, so you don’t need to upgrade to use our indicators.

Once you are granted access, open the chart in TradingView. Click on the ÔÇťIndicatorsÔÇŁ tab. Add our indicators to the chart from the ÔÇťInvitable Only ScriptsÔÇŁ section. If you cannot see the indicators in this section, refresh the page or close and reopen the application. It’s that simple.

Our indicators can be used in various markets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Additionally, they are designed to work across different time frames, providing flexibility for users to choose according to their trading preferences. However, the recommended time frames are at least 5-15 minutes and at most 1 hour.

Although our indicators demonstrate significant success with a success rate of 90-95% when all the rules explained in the training videos are followed, our response to the question of whether you can win every trade using this will definitely be no. There is no magical solution or ÔÇťalgorithmÔÇŁ that will guarantee you the power to predict the markets with a guaranteed percentage accuracy. DonÔÇÖt believe in scammers who promise you high profits and claim you will never lose. We provide you with various tools for simplified trading. Our tools will help you gain unique perspectives to use in any market available on TradingView.

Yes, you can connect. The only thing you need to choose is the signals in the indicator. Once you decide which signal to use, you can safely automate buy-sell through the link provided below, which we know is the best bot that works with indicator signals, although it has nothing to do with us. You can learn more about using this site and bot by watching dozens of videos available on YouTube.

All Inclusive Subscription Packages

Access to the Premium Indicator Set Consisting of a Combination of 26 Indicators
Average of 100 free technical analyzes per month. (Coming soon)
New gauges, features and upgrades added regularly.
Free updates, training and 24/7 technical support.

Premium Monthly

$69/mo (Full Price)

TradingView'de ├žal─▒┼čan en iyi g├Âstergeler­čö╣99$┬á­čĺ░ 69$
­čö╣69$ monthly payment
­čîčDating Bonus­čîč
* Pay $69 instead of $99 per month for the special launch offer.
* First-time users who pay in USDT with crypto will pay $59 instead of $69.
* Regardless of the payment method chosen, an additional 5-day gift period is added to the 1-month membership period.

Proceed to Payment

Premium Quarterly

$49/mo (Save %30)

TradingView'de ├žal─▒┼čan en iyi g├Âstergeler

­čö╣147,00$ paid quarterly
­čîčDating Bonus­čîč
* First-time users of my site who pay in USDT with crypto will receive an additional $15 discount on top of the 30% monthly discount, paying $132 instead of $147.
* Regardless of the payment method chosen, an additional 15-day gift period is added to the 3-month membership period.

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Premium Yearly

$38/mo (Save %45)

TradingView'de ├žal─▒┼čan en iyi g├Âstergeler

­čö╣456,00$ paid annually
­čîčDating Bonus­čîč
* First-time users of my site who pay in USDT with crypto will receive an additional $20 discount on top of the 45% discount compared to the monthly payment or 23% discount compared to the 3-month payment, paying $436 instead of $456.
* Regardless of the payment method chosen, an additional 30-day gift period is added to the 12-month membership period.

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