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Borsalgo frequently asked questionsYou may have many questions or curiosities on your mind. Therefore, below, we have endeavored to provide detailed answers to your potential questions. If you have any further inquiries, you can reach out to us via live support or WhatsApp.

  • First, you can check out the hundreds of YouTube live streams we’ve published so far through the link below to understand the quality of our indicator set. You can also get a better idea of our quality by watching the many other videos on our channel, such as training sessions, backtests, and short videos.
  • You can also contact our WhatsApp support line to specify the coin or stock you want to test and request real-time images.

If, despite all these opportunities, you still want a trial, then click here to check out our 5-day trial package. However, we recommend that you read the following points first.

Due to some users abusing the trial option (such as creating new TradingView accounts right after the trial ends to get another free trial), we cannot offer a completely free trial period for our tools. To prevent this abuse and to differentiate serious buyers who want a trial, we have created a mini 5-day package with a symbolic fee that is not normally among our packages. Click here to access the package.

Moreover, we understand that learning and evaluating new tools can be a time-consuming process, and a short trial period may not be sufficient for this purpose. We trust in the significant value our tools offer to our members and want them to fully explore their potential without being limited by a brief trial.

Additionally, we provide exceptional customer support and educational materials to help our members make informed decisions about our products. We want to continue adding to our approximately 5 hours of detailed training videos currently available on our YouTube channel, and we do not desire our indicators to be used without these videos being watched. We believe that users who request a trial will not be able to understand how to use the indicators in just 1-2 days, and since they haven’t paid anything, we don’t believe they will spend the time to watch these training videos.

For these reasons, unfortunately, we cannot offer a free trial.

Furthermore, this market can provide immense gains as well as substantial losses due to its volatility. We believe that those who do not have the courage to pay the indicator fee, which is almost symbolic compared to the potential losses that can occur, should not be in this market, and therefore should not use our indicator.

The Borsalgo team wishes everyone success in advance.

When you purchase a plan, you get access to our 4 premium indicator sets, a combination of 26 indicators, directly in your TradingView account within one hour of notifying us of your payment. It works on Tradingview’s free plan, so you don’t need to upgrade to use our indicators.

Once you are granted access, open the chart in TradingView. Click on the “Indicators” tab. Add our indicators to the chart from the “Invitable Only Scripts” section. If you cannot see the indicators in this section, refresh the page or close and reopen the application. It’s that simple.

Our indicators can be used in various markets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Additionally, they are designed to work across different time frames, providing flexibility for users to choose according to their trading preferences. However, the recommended time frames are at least 5-15 minutes and at most 1 hour.

Although our indicators demonstrate significant success with a success rate of 90-95% when all the rules explained in the training videos are followed, our response to the question of whether you can win every trade using this will definitely be no. There is no magical solution or “algorithm” that will guarantee you the power to predict the markets with a guaranteed percentage accuracy. Don’t believe in scammers who promise you high profits and claim you will never lose. We provide you with various tools for simplified trading. Our tools will help you gain unique perspectives to use in any market available on TradingView.

Yes, you can connect. The only thing you need to choose is the signals in the indicator. Once you decide which signal to use, you can safely automate buy-sell through the link provided below, which we know is the best bot that works with indicator signals, although it has nothing to do with us. You can learn more about using this site and bot by watching dozens of videos available on YouTube.

How to use indicators

How does it work?

Open Tradingview

Open TradingView on their website or download the application for use on your tablet or phone

Create a Free Membership

Our indicators work seamlessly with a free TradingView membership. There’s no need to upgrade to a Pro membership.

Buy the Indicator

Make the payment and inform us. Access to the indicators is provided within 1 hour of payment processing.

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