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We are offering you the use of our system, consisting of thousands of lines of code that we tirelessly worked on day and night for a full four years.

Put an end to the confusion in the chart

You no longer need to add a lot of indicators to the chart one by one and get confused or pay money for the tradingview application to increase the number of indicators you can add. With the Army indicator, you will have the power of dozens of indicators.

Full Time Alarms

Through the TradingView website or application, you can create unlimited alarms for your trades with our indicators. This ensures that you don’t miss any trades, and you also have the option to connect the indicator to a bot through alarms, according to your preferences.

Use on All Devices

We have specially designed our indicators to be easily usable on all mobile devices, tablets, and computers, providing users with versatile options to increase freedom of use.

We have the right solutions to increase your earnings.

  • Our tools work on all assets in the TradingView library, supporting all devices with real-time data analyzed within seconds.
  • Our signals, including live buy, sell, and take-profit alerts, are entirely automated, notifying you for every move. This way, you never miss out on a profitable trade.
  • Our groundbreaking system automatically tests settings in real-time and applies the most profitable configurations, regardless of the asset or time frame you are trading
  • When you use the Army indicator along with our Army RSI and Cobra indicators, you have the most comprehensive trading toolset in the market.
  • TradingView allows adding a maximum of two indicators to a chart in free usage. Even if you upgrade to a pro membership, dealing with a cluttered chart can be overwhelming. That’s where the Army indicator comes in, saving you from all these troubles and confusion..
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Practical Training

Through our instructional videos, we detail all the indicators, down to the finest details, which are unparalleled by any other. We teach you how to correctly utilize our software, thereby maximizing your chances of success to the highest levels.

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