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Bitcoin Latest Status? Will it fall or rise?

borsalgo Analyst March 28, 2024

Bitcoin is now down to the full pullback level (68810.0). If it gets enough reaction from here, its targets and stop level are written below.Reception Level: 68810.0SL @ 66320.0TP1 @ 76500.0TP2 @ 80000.0TP3 @ 86000.0 Please share your thoughts on the analysis in the comments, and please show support by…

How far is the decline in Bitcoin?

borsalgo Analyst March 20, 2024

How far will the decline in Bitcoin go? Relief rally; Bitcoin continues to fall. But will there be a relief rally? Markets always move in waves, so it’s always good to do an Elliott Wave technical analysis. My Elliott Wave count indicates that the wave (A) will complete around 59340…


borsalgo Analyst March 20, 2024

The next ideal entry point for the next pump? Shiba Inu is definitely poised to go higher this year. Currently, we need to catch the surge and ride the next wave upwards. The 0.618 FIB retracement seems like a great level to buy Shiba Inu, which is at 0.00002249. It’s…